SIGCSE TS 2021 Poster Schedule

Monday, March 15 - 4:00 PM (ET)

Poster Session 1

Monday, March 15 / 4:00 PM (ET) - 6:45 PM (ET) The Stack: Unplugged Activities for Teaching Computer Science
Valdemar Švábenský (Masaryk University); Martin Ukrop (Masaryk University)

Remote Proctoring: Expanding Reliability and Trust
Patriel Stapleton (University of Florida); Jeremiah Blanchard (University of Florida)

Formal Categorization of Variants for Question Generators in Computer-Based Assessments
Bojin Yao (University of California, Berkeley); Qitian Liao (University of California, Berkeley); Connor McMahon (University of California, Berkeley); Daniel D Garcia (University of California, Berkeley)

A CS1 Team-Based Learning Space in Gather.Town
Celine Latulipe (University of Manitoba)

Computer Science Student-Centered Instructional Continuum
Jane Waite (Queen Mary University of London); Christine Liebe (Colorado School of Mines)

Recruiting Diverse Learners to High School Computer Science
Cynthia Blitz (Rutgers University); Vivian Allen (Rutgers University); David Amiel (Rutgers University)

Computer Science Identity Development in Diverse Student Populations: A Qualitative Study
Yordanos A. Mogos (San Francisco State University); Shasta M. Ihorn (San Francisco State University); Ilmi Yoon (San Francisco State University); Anagha Kulkarni (San Francisco State University)

Recruiting Students of Color through a Student Organization
Gloria Childress Townsend (DePauw University); Khadija Stewart (DePauw University); Allana Johnson (DePauw University)

Closing The Gap Between Classrooms and Industry With Open-Source Internships
Alexander Parra (University of California, Berkeley); Mingjie Jiang (University of California, Berkeley); Tyler Menezes (CodeDay)

The Online Transition of Two CS Courses in Response to COVID-19
Mohammed F. Farghally (Virginia Tech); Mostafa Mohammed (Virginia Tech & Assiut University); Hamdy F. F. Mahmoud (Virginia Tech and Assiut University); Margaret Ellis (Virginia Tech); Derek Haqq (Virginia Tech); Molly Domino (Virginia Tech); Brett Jones (Virginia Tech); Clifford A. Shaffer (Virginia Tech)

Automatic Content Curation for Online Learning Materials
Jens Dede (University of Bremen); Anna Förster (University of Bremen)

Computational Thinking, Perception, and Confidence in Distance Learning
Yeting Bao (Rochester Institute of Technology); Hadi Hosseini (Pennsylvania State University)

How CS1 Students Experienced COVID-19 In the Moment: Using An Experience Sampling Approach to Understand the Transition to Emergency Remote Instruction
Alex Lishinski (University of Tennessee); Joshua Rosenberg (University of Tennessee); Michael Mann (University of Tennessee); Omiya Sultana (University of Tennesee); Joshua Dunn (University of Tennessee)

The Design and Implementation of Code Reading and Code Quality Practice Discussion Course
Xiaochun Yang (Shanghai AchieveFun Info Tech Co., Ltd. ); Kun Qin (Wuhan University); Yi Zhang (Wuhan University)

Enhanced Verbs for Bloom's Taxonomy with Focus on Computing and Technical Areas
Christian Servin (El Paso Community College); Cara Tang (Portland Community College); Markus Geissler (Cosumnes River College); Melissa Stange (Lord Fairfax Community College); Cindy Tucker (Bluegrass Community and Technical College)

Introducing Programming Concepts via A Social History of Computing
Lillian Pentecost (Harvard University)

Community Design for Connected Communities of Practice in Computer Science Education Research
Stephanie Wortel-London (CSforALL); Leigh Ann DeLyser (CSforALL); Stacey Sexton (SageFox Consulting Group)

Thinking About Leaving: Identifying Threats to Computing Doctoral Student Persistence
Kari L. George (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Tuesday, March 16 - 4:00 PM (ET)

Poster Session 2

Tuesday, March 16 / 4:00 PM (ET) - 6:45 PM (ET) Active Learning Environments and the Transition to Online
Andrew Siqueira (University of Toronto Mississauga); Bogdan Simion (University of Toronto Mississauga)

How do Elementary Students Conceptualize Artificial Intelligence?
Anne Ottenbreit-Leftwich (Indiana University); Krista Glazewski (Indiana University); Minji Jeon (Indiana University); Cindy Hmelo-Silver (Indiana University); Bradford Mott (North Carolina State University); Seung Lee (North Carolina State University); James Lester (North Carolina State University)

Digital Theatre Design ? An Interdisciplinary Course Connecting Computing and Theatre Arts
Jessica Greenberg (Weber State University); Brian Rague (Weber State University)

Using a Training-Wheels Games and Graphics Library from Day One with Beginning C++
Will Briggs (University of Lynchburg)

Learning to Recognize Semantically Similar Program Statements in Introductory Programming Assignments
Mayur Sunil Jawalkar (Rochester Institute of Technology); Hadi Hosseini (Pennsylvania State University); Carlos R. Rivero (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Root Cause Analysis of Female Underrepresentation in Computing
Thyra Tuttle (SageFox Consulting Group); Amanda Menier (SageFox Consulting Group); Rebecca Zarch (SageFox Consulting Group)

Impact on Women Undergraduate CS Students' Experiences from a Mentoring Program
Sakshi Singh (University of North Carolina at Charlotte); Debarati Basu (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

Pedagogical Possibilities of Critical Engagement in Introductory CS Education
Hamed Yaghoobian (University of Georgia)

Finding the Noteworthy Learning Material about a Keyword through Courses already Learned and to be Learned
Taichi Imbe (Meisei University); Kazutaka Maruyama (Meisei University)

Framework for a Growth Mindset Classroom
Patricia Morreale (Kean University); J. Jenny Li (Kean University); Ching-Yu Huang (Kean University); Daehan Kwak (Kean University); Jean Chu (Kean University); Yulia Kumar (Kean University); Paolien Wang (Kean University)

Towards Applying Real Time Physiological Data and Gamification to Machine Learning Educational Systems
Bryan Y. Hernández-Cuevas (The University of Alabama); Chris S. Crawford (The University of Alabama)

Automated Analysis of Student Verbalizations in Online Learning Environments
Nazik A. Almazova (Florida Atlantic University); Jason O. Hallstrom (Florida Atlantic University); Megan Fowler (Clemson University); Joseph E. Hollingsworth (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology); Murali Sitaraman (Clemson University); Eileen T. Kraemer (Clemson Universtiy); Gloria Washington (Howard University)

Pivoting in a Pandemic: Transitioning from In-person to Virtual K-8 Computing Professional Development
Quinn Burke (Digital Promise); Emi Iwatani (Digital Promise); Pati Ruiz (Digital Promise); Traci Tackett (BitSource); Aileen Owens (South Fayette Unified School District)

A Case Study of Redesigning an Introductory CS Course into Fully Online and its Evaluation
Shizuka Shirai (Osaka University); Hiroyuki Nagataki (Osaka Electro-Communication University); Tomohiro Nishida (Osaka Gakuin University); Haruo Takemura (Osaka University)

Toward Guidelines for Designing Cybersecurity Serious Games
Miriam Gáliková (Masaryk University); Valdemar Švábenský (Masaryk University); Jan Vykopal (Masaryk University)

Criminal Investigations: An Interactive Experience to Improve Student Engagement and Achievement in Cybersecurity courses
Abhinav Mohanty (University of North Carolina at Charlotte); Pooja Murarisetty (University of North Carolina at Charlotte); Ngoc Diep Nguyen (University of North Carolina at Charlotte); Julio César Bahamon (University of North Carolina at Charlotte); Harini Ramaprasad (University of North Carolina at Charlotte); Meera Sridhar (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

Computer Science Education Graduate Students: Defining a Community and Its Needs
Alan Peterfreund (SageFox Consulting Group); Jordan Esaison (SageFox Consulting); Julie M. Smith (University of North Texas); Brianna Johnston (SageFox Consulting)

Document Analysis of ECEP Longitudinal Data: A Case Study with Indiana
Minji Jeon (Indiana University); Jacob Koressel (Indiana University); Anne Ottenbreit-Leftwich (Indiana University); Alan Peterfreund (SageFox Consulting Group); Sarah Dunton (Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center); Jeffrey Xavier (SageFox Consulting Group); Carol Fletcher (University of Texas); Rebecca Zarch (SageFox Consulting Group); Maureen Biggers (Indiana University); Debra Richardson (University of California Irvine); Joshua Childs (University of Texas); Leigh Ann DeLyser (CSforALL); John Goodhue (Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center)

Wednesday, March 17 - 4:00 PM (ET)

Poster Session 3

Wednesday, March 17 / 4:00 PM (ET) - 6:45 PM (ET) Puzzles in Many Places: Closing the Loop on Propagation
Zack Butler (Rochester Institute of Technology); Ivona Bezakova (Rochester Institute of Technology); Kimberly Fluet (University of Rochester)

Proj4X: Diversifying Data Science Course Projects by Student Background and Interests
Wensheng Wu (University of Southern California)

Improving Current and Future Offerings of a Data Science Course through Large-Scale Observation of Students
Tabitha Belshee (Princeton University); Adam Chang (Princeton University); Nebil Ibrahim (Princeton University); Mikako Inaba (Princeton University); Nikoo Karbassi (Princeton University); Angelo Kayser-Browne (Princeton University); Hye Jee Kim (Princeton University); Rachel Kim (Princeton University); Seungjae Ryan Lee (Princeton University); Natalia Orlovsky (Princeton University); Michael Guerzhoy (Princeton University, University of Toronto, & Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute)

ScaffoldSQL: SQL Test Cases + Parson's Problems
Otto Borchert (Missouri Southern State University)

Computing Ethics Starts on 'Day One': Ethics Narratives in Introductory CS Courses
Kyle Slager (Colby College); Ruby Nunez (Colby College); William Short (Colby College); Stacy A. Doore (Colby College)

A 50-year Retrospective on Academic Integrity and Computer Ethics in CS Education
Nadia Najjar (University of North Carolina at Charlotte); Mary Lou Maher (University of North Carolina at Charlotte); Maryam Mohseni (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

Active Academic Integrity
Alex Kassil (University of California, Berkeley); Michael Ball (University of California, Berkeley)

Exploring How Students Use an Online Learning Environment
Jennifer Alexandra Thompson (University of Toronto Mississauga); Andrew Petersen (University of Toronto Mississauga)

Learning Environments for Fostering Disciplinary Practices in CS Undergraduates
Deepti Reddy (SIES Graduate School of Technology); Kavya Alse (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay); Lakshmi T.G. (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay); Prajish Prasad (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay); Sridhar Iyer (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)

An Overview of the Impact of COVID-19 and Emergency Remote Teaching on International CS Education Practitioners''''
Tom Crick (Swansea University); Cathryn Knight (; Richard Watermeyer (University of Bristol); Janet Goodall (Swansea University)

Remote Pair Programming
Adeola Adeliyi (The Open University); Janet Hughes (The Open University); Karen Kear (The Open University); Bobby Law (The Open University); Brendan Murphy (The Open University); Jon Rosewell (The Open University); Ann Walshe (The Open University); Michel Wermelinger (The Open University)

Students' Conceptions of Object-Oriented Programming in the Context of Game Designing in Computing Education: Design of a Ph.D. Research Project to Explore Students' Conceptions in a Long-Term Study
Fatma Batur (University of Duisburg-Essen); Torsten Brinda (University of Duisburg-Essen)

Looking at CS1 through Three Colour-tinted Glasses
Cruz Izu (The University of Adelaide)

Hybrid Learning Framework for Cybersecurity Courses
Sayonnha Mandal (St. Ambrose University); Binto George (Western Illinois University)

Assessing a Group's Understanding of Cybersecurity through Collective Concept Maps
Debbie Perouli (Marquette University); Akshay Verma (Marquette University); Marta Magiera (Marquette University)

Pilot Study of a Visualization Tool for Object Graphs and Concurrency via Shared Memory
Filip Strömbäck (Linköping University); Linda Mannila (Linköping University); Mariam Kamkar (Linköping University)

Hands-On Learning in Computer Organization with a MIPS Microcontroller — Using the ChipKIT Computer in the Classroom
Robert A. Ravenscroft (Rhode Island College)

Thursday, March 18 - 4:00 PM (ET)

Poster Session 4

Thursday, March 18 / 4:00 PM (ET) - 6:45 PM (ET) Facilitating Team-Based Learning in Lecture Halls
Hasan Saleem (University of Manitoba); Boluwatife Akinola (University of Manitoba); Celine Latulipe (University of Manitoba)

An S-STEM Scholarship and Student Success Program for CS, Physics and Math Majors
Helen H. Hu (Westminster College); Janine Wittwer (Westminster College); Holly Zullo (University of Utah)

REU Mentoring Engagement: Contrasting Perceptions of Administrators and Faculty
Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm (Rochester Institute of Technology); Reynold Bailey (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Middle School Teachers? Self-efficacy in Teaching Computer Science and Digital Literacy
Gillian Bausch (University at Albany, SUNY); Lijun Ni (University at Albany, SUNY); Fred Martin (University of Massachusetts Lowell); Hsien-Yuan Hsu (University of Massachusetts Lowell); Bernardo Feliciano (University of Massachusetts Lowell)

Landscape of Computer Science Teacher Qualification Pathway
Jiyoung Kim (Indiana University); Joshua Childs (The University of Texas); Anne Leftwich (Indiana University); Kendra Montejos Edwards (The University of Texas); Carol L. Fletcher (The University of Texas); Katie Hendrickson (

Witness Feedback for Introductory CS Theory Assignments
Ivona Bezáková (Rochester Institute of Technology); Kimberly Fluet (University of Rochester); Edith Hemaspaandra (Rochester Institute of Technology); Hannah Miller (Rochester Institute of Technology); David E. Narváez (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Fostering Strategic Knowledge and Program Comprehension Skills in Students Struggling with CS1
Violetta Lonati (Università degli Studi di Milano & Lab. CINI Informatica e Scuola); Anna Morpurgo (Università degli Studi di Milano & Lab. CINI Informatica e Scuola)

Eliciting A Novice Programmer's Mental Model of Arrays
Syeda Fatema Mazumder (University of North Carolina at Charlotte); Manuel A. Pérez-Quiñones (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

How to Teach Recursion: A Formula to Transform an Iterative-Based to a Recursive-Based Method
Christian Servin (El Paso Community College)

Computer Terminology Test for Non-native English Speaking CS1 Students
Suad Alaofi (University College Dublin); Seán Russell (University College Dublin)

The Power of Open Source for Social Good to Increase Diversity in Computing
Heidi J. C. Ellis (Western New England University); Gregory W. Hislop (Drexel University); Lori Postner (Nassau Community College)

Support for Broadening Participation though Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software
Grant Braught (Dickinson College)

AvaFlow: Learning to Design Intelligent Virtual Agents through Flow-Based Programming
Utkarsh Singh (The University of Alabama); Chris Crawford (The University of Alabama)

Exploring Elementary Students? Debugging Behaviors in Puzzle-based Programming: A Learning Trajectory Approach
Wei Yan (University of Florida); Maya Israel (University of Florida); Feiya Luo (University of Alabama); Ruohan Liu (University of Florida)

Designing Accessibility into Blocks Languages
Moumita Tabassum (University of Alabama); Jeff Gray (University of Alabama); Derrick Smith (University of Alabama in Huntsville)

Compile-And-Run Prompts in Digital Programming Assessments
Alexis Dougherty (University of Florida); Jeremiah Blanchard (University of Florida)

Name Search Puzzle: Learning Cultural Competence Through a Programming Lab
Jingsai Liang (Westminster College)

Development and Validation of the Motivation to Teach Computer Science Scale
Nicole D. Martin (The University of Texas at Austin); Stephanie N. Baker (The University of Texas at Austin); Madeline Haynes (The University of Texas at Austin); Jayce R. Warner (The University of Texas at Austin)

Friday, March 19 - 4:00 PM (ET)

Poster Session 5

Friday, March 19 / 4:00 PM (ET) - 6:45 PM (ET) Supporting CS Teachers through Local Communities: Perceptions of CSTA Chapter Leaders
Matthew Livingston (University at Albany); Yan Tian (University at Albany); Lijun Ni (University at Albany); Tom McKlin (The Findings Group); Jake Baskin (Computer Science Teachers Association); Jason Bohrer (Computer Science Teachers Association)

Exploring Computational Thinking Across Disciplines Through Student-Generated Artifact Analysis
Yifan Zhang (University of Delaware); Amanda Mohammad Mirzaei (University of Delaware); Lori Pollock (University of Delaware); Chrystalla Mouza (University of Delaware); Kevin Guidry (University of Delaware)

Deciphering Inclusivity for the Design of K-12 Computing Pathways
Kelly Mills (Digital Promise); Pati Ruiz (Digital Promise); Merijke Coenraad (Digital Promise); Quinn Burke (Digital Promise); Jeremy Roschelle (Digital Promise)

Preparing Teachers for Computational Thinking Integration in K-12: A Meta-Aggregation
Secil Caskurlu (Michigan State University ); Aman Yadav (Michigan State University ); Rafi Santo (Telos Learning )

Build Bridges between Play, Computation, Visual Programming, and Text-based Programming in Early Childhood Education
Jordan Sherwin (Baldwin Wallace University); Yongzhe Wang (Baldwin Wallace University); Yueming Yang (Baldwin Wallace University)

Navigating a Pandemic: Evaluating Communication with Parents in a STEM Program for Black and Latina Girls
Mikaela Coleman (DePaul University); Ivonne Garcia (DePaul University); Janet Hill (DePaul University); Bo Ju (DePaul University); Bridgit Lawler (DePaul University); Marianella Osorio (DePaul University); Naomi Thompson (Northwestern University); Miranda Standberry-Wallace (Northwestern University); Denise Nacu (DePaul University); Sheena Erete (DePaul University); Nichole Pinkard (Northwestern University)

Changes in K-8 Teacher Self-Efficacy with CS and Culturally Responsive Teaching through an RPP Workshop
Kim Wilkens (University of Virginia); Luther Tychonievich (University of Virginia); Jennifer Chiu (University of Virginia)

Creating a Repository of Diversity and Inclusion Assignments for Computer Science
Jessica Zeitz (University of Mary Washington); Karen Anewalt (University of Mary Washington)

Touchless Hand Interaction and Machine Learning Agents to Support Kinesthetic Learning in Augmented Reality
Muhammad Zahid Iqbal (University College Dublin); Abraham G. Campbell (University College Dublin)

Using Machine Learning in Admissions: Reducing Human and Algorithmic Bias in the Selection Process
Barbara Martinez Neda (University of California, Irvine); Yue Zeng (University of California, Irvine); Sergio Gago-Masague (University of California, Irvine)

Measuring Student Confidence from Tech Camp Participation
Sydney Leither (Baldwin Wallace University); Terrell McDowell (Baldwin Wallace University); Brian Krupp (Baldwin Wallace University)

On-Line STEAM Outreach with Remote Robot Access
Steven M. Hadfield (United States Air Force Academy); Scott C. Livingston (rerobots); Justin Woo (Misty Robotics); Maya Slavin (United States Air Force Academy); Dominic Buraglio (United States Air Force Academy); Caden Kulp (United States Air Force Academy); Matthew Hageman (United States Air Force Academy); Caleb Richardson (United States Air Force Academy)

Colorado Strategic Approach to Rally Teachers
Tracy Camp (Colorado School of Mines); Chistine Liebe (Colorado School of Mines); Heather Thiry (Golden Evaluation & Policy Research)

Towards an Instrument for CS Teacher Attitudes and Beliefs: Analysis of Component Factors from Foundational Professional Documents
Darcy Ronan (Sacred Heart University); D. Cenk Erdil (Sacred Heart University ); Dennis Brylow (Marquette University)

Pythonpad: Server-free Python Hands-on Exercise for Online Programming Classes
Jeongmin Byun (KAIST); Jungkook Park (KAIST); Alice Oh (KAIST)

Analyzing Students' Problem-Solving Abilities in a Virtual Network on the Cloud
Joseph Tolve (Pace University); Li-Chiou Chen (Pace University )

How Do Faculty Convey Growth Mindset in Computer Science Teaching? A Preliminary Qualitative Study
Sarah Hug (CERC)

Capacity Expansion in Cybersecurity: Challenges and Prospects
Rakesh M. Verma (University of Houston)

Saturday, March 20 - 4:00 PM (ET)

Poster Session 6

Saturday, March 20 / 4:00 PM (ET) - 6:45 PM (ET) Improving Online Collaborative Learning with POGIL Practices
Helen H. Hu (Westminster College); Clif Kussmaul (Green Mango Associates, LLC)

To GitHub or Not to GitHub? That Is the Question
Andrea E. Johnson (Spelman College)

Assessing Professional Identity of Computer Science Teachers: Design and Validation of the CS Teacher Identity Survey
Lijun Ni (University at Albany); Tom McKlin (The Findings Group); Han Hao (Claremont Graduate University); Jake Baskin (Computer Science Teachers Association); Jason Bohrer (Computer Science Teachers Association); Alexis Martin (Kapor Center)

Computer Science Instruction and Academic Outcomes in Other Subjects
Ethan Crasto (New York University); Zitsi Mirakhur (University of Kentucky)

AlignCS: Evaluating the Landscape of K-12 CS Framework Aligned Curricula
Leigh Ann DeLyser (CSforALL); Emilio Vargas-Vite (CSforALL)

Expanding Opportunities through Concurrent Enrollment
Renee Fall (College of St. Scholastica)

Increasing the Value of Professional Body Computer Science Degree Accreditation
Alastair Irons (University of Sunderland); Tom Crick (Swansea University); James H. Davenport (University of Bath); Tom Prickett (Northumbria University)

Taking Up Opportunities to Learn in a Computer Science Professional Development for Middle School Teachers
Amanda Bell (Vanderbilt University)

Expansive Framing and Collaborative Professional Development: Supporting Teacher Learning
Courtney Stephens (Utah State University); Victor R. Lee (Stanford University); Jody Clarke-Midura (Utah State University); Mimi Recker (Utah State University)

Faculty Performance on Simple Programming Tasks
Viraj Kumar (Dayananda Sagar University)

Data Collection for the Learn-OCaml Programming Platform: Modelling How Students Develop Typed Functional Programs
Alana Ceci (McGill University); Hanneli C. A. Tavante (McGill University); Brigitte Pientka (McGill University); Xujie Si (McGill University)

Evidence or Excitement: Which Predicts Implementation of Research-based Pedagogy by CS Educators?
Elise Deitrick (Codio); Joshua Ball (Codio); Megan McHugh (Codio)

Not My Subject?: A Survey of Teachers Regarding the Implementation of New K-8 Computing Education Standards''''
Michael Mann (University of Tennessee); Ha Bui (Middle Tennessee State); Benjamin Gibbons (Emory University); Alex Lishinski (University of Tennessee); Elizabeth Dyer (Middle Tennessee State); Joshua Rosenberg (University of Tennessee); Jennifer Longnecker (University of Tennessee)

Support for Programmed Instruction in an eTextbook
Mostafa Mohammed (Virginia Tech); Piexuan Ge (Virginia Tech); Samnyeong Heo (Virginia Tech); Clifford A. Shaffer (Virginia Tech)

An Agile Learning Management Method Based on Scrum
Higor Oliveira (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE)); Cristiano Araújo (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE))

PyBuggy: Testing the Effects of Enhanced Error Messages on Novice Programmers
Rachel D'souza (University of Toronto Scarborough); Angela Zavaleta Bernuy (University of Toronto); Brian Harrington (University of Toronto Scarborough)